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REI and SmartXchange Make History with Highly Successful Residential Investment & Development Conference & Awards 2023

REI (Real Estate Investor) and SmartXchange have created waves in the property industry with their inaugural Residential Investment & Development Conference & Awards for 2023. The event, held recently, brought together esteemed professionals and experts who shared valuable insights into various aspects of the real estate industry. The focus was squarely on Residential Affordable, Social Housing, Multi-Family, Co- Living and Retirement Developments.

Highlights of the conference included the economic and construction industry outlook presented by Erwin Rode, CEO of Rode and Associates, and John Loos Economist of FNB who both delivered an expert analysis of the current property economic outlook. His presentation shed light on the factors influencing the industry and provided attendees with crucial information for informed decision-making. providing a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities in the field. His presentation emphasized the potential implications for residential investment and development, offering attendees a deeper understanding of the industry’s landscape.

At the heart of the conference, a captivating panel discussion titled “Risky Business or Show Me the Money” brought together investors, financiers, and representatives from the private and public sectors to delve into the true profitability of the residential asset class. The session explored key strategies for tapping into the residential sector as a viable and lucrative investment opportunity, while also addressing the associated risks.

Moderated by Erwin Rode, CEO of Rode and Associates, the panel consisted of industry luminaries with diverse expertise and perspectives: Carel Kleynhans, CEO of Divercity, shared valuable insights into innovative partnerships and incentive schemes that enhance the bankability of housing projects. His extensive experience in driving successful collaborations shed light on the untapped potential for profitability within the residential sector. Eileen Andrew, Vice President Client Coverage at MSCI, provided a comprehensive analysis of the financial landscape, Justin Blend, Director at Africrest, brought his in-depth knowledge of the industry to the panel, offering valuable perspectives on investment opportunities within the residential sector. Myles Kritzinger, CEO of Transcend Residential Property Fund, shared his practical approach to mitigating risks and maximising profitability provided attendees with invaluable guidance. Palesa Ryan, Head of Origination and Coverage for Social, Health, and Education at DBSA, focused on the social impact and financial viability of housing projects. Vanessa Perfect, CEO of Houss, provided a fresh perspective on leveraging rentals and tenant innovation to secure rentals in the residential sector.

The conference featured an engaging panel discussion titled “Overcoming Housing Obstacles Together,” where industry experts explored key challenges in the housing sector and discussed innovative solutions to address them. The panel focused on navigating the rise of development costs, expediting project approvals, combating the construction mafia, and fostering partnerships to overcome utility challenges.

Moderated by Alison Tshangana, Head of Research and Market Intelligence at the Centre for Affordable Housing Finance, the panel consisted of esteemed professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise: The session titled “Which sectors will be the rising stars in housing and investment?” featured Bruce Gordon, CFO of the National Housing Finance Corporation (NHFC), who explored the impact and importance of First Home Finance. His insights provided attendees with valuable knowledge on the role of affordable housing in the market and its potential for growth.

Affordable and social housing took centre stage in subsequent discussions, where industry stakeholders collectively addressed ways to accelerate its development from a banking sector perspective. The conference showcased innovative approaches to overcome housing obstacles, highlighting the commitment of attendees to tackle this critical issue.

Another key topic addressed was the impact of NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) changes on student accommodation. Attendees examined the challenges posed by these changes and engaged in discussions about strategies to bridge the gap while ensuring the quality of student living. The conference emphasised the industry’s dedication to environmentally conscious development, with a focus on sustainable student accommodation solutions. Also there were robust discussions around investment in student accommodation, social, affordable and multi-family investments.

In addition to the informative sessions, the conference also celebrated excellence with the inaugural Property Developer RESIDE AWARDS initiated by REI which was a resounding success.

2023 Winners were:

Residential Developer – Balwin Properties,

Social Housing Developer – Own Haven developer of Conradie Park

Affordable Housing Developer – Africrest Properties

Retirement Village Developer – Rabie Property Group

Student Accommodation Developer – Growthpoint Properties.

These winners have not only made a significant impact on the residential investment and development sector but also exemplify the industry’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and community-building.

Overall, the Residential Investment & Development Conference & Awards 2023 organised by REI and SmartXchange was a resounding success. It fostered collaboration, shared valuable insights, and recognised achievements in the industry. The event has set the bar high for future conferences and solidified its position as a must-attend event for professionals in the real estate sector.

Dates will be announced shortly for the 2024 event.

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  1. Good day. Thanks for a fantastic inaugural conference, and a much-needed landscape in the property investment and development industry. How do I access presentations flighted at the conference?

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