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Ross Fitzcharles

Founder & CEO, Preferental

Ross Fitzcharles: Innovating the Future of Property Management

Ross Fitzcharles, founder and CEO of Preferental, is a visionary leader and a fervent advocate for innovation in PropTech. Armed with his Honours in Risk Management, Ross has devoted his career to disrupting traditional industries with advanced, solution-driven technologies.

At the core of his professional ethos is a robust passion for leveraging technology to solve real-world challenges, particularly in the property sector. With a background encompassing significant roles at prestigious firms like Deloitte SA and Momentum Investment, Ross brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in risk management, business process optimisation, and investment strategy.

Since founding Preferental, Ross has been at the forefront of PropTech, creating user-friendly platforms that empower landlords through innovative risk solutions. His mission is to help landlords cultivate generational wealth, ensuring simplified yet effective management approaches that increase efficiency and reduce operational hassles.

Ross’s insights and methodologies have not only garnered him a place as a respected guest speaker at various industry events but have also attracted substantial investments from venture capitalists and corporate partners. His work aims to bridge the gap between traditional property management and the future, driven by digital transformation and strategic foresight.

As an esteemed speaker, Ross shares his journey and the transformative powers of integrating PropTech into everyday business practices, inspiring his audience to embrace change and innovation in the pursuit of excellence and sustainability in the property market.


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