Why the Residential Investment & Development Conference?

South Africa has a massive housing shortage and has one of the highest urbanisation rates (63%) amongst emerging economies across the world – higher than that of Nigeria and China (countries with much larger populations). There are 3309 informal settlements in the country. Social and Affordable Housing have to be galvanised in order to produce massive amounts of housing to alleviate the shortages.

Student accommodation- there is a capacity gap of 500 000 beds. In the last two years (2020, 2021) NSFAS spent an average R11,9 billion per annum on student accommodation funding. At least 420,000 students each year are in university and TVET accommodation. Out of this, approximately 43% was for institutional residences and 57% was for private accommodation.

The use of Innovative Building Technologies (IBTs) can reduce the cost of building materials by 10%.

Retirement property, on the other hand, remains a relatively untapped area of the South African housing market. The result is high prices suitable only for a few (less than 6% of South Africans are able to afford comfortable retirement), and long waiting lists at nearly every facility – be it a retirement estate, village or old age home.

Breaking News

We are glad to announce that Hon. Minister Mmamoloko Kubayi will be a speaker at our Reside Conference!

Mmamoloko Kubayi

Hon. Minister Mmamoloko Kubayi

Department of Human Settlements, South Africa

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Topics/Themes to be covered

Enabling & incentivise private players to achieve 'Housing for All'

Slashing development cost in the South African economy

Capacitating the state for faster project approvals

Innovative financing structures for affordable housing / getting financial right

How to monetise affordable housing

Alternative building methodologies

Unblocking of blocked projects

Semigration trends & the impact on local Multi-Family Residential markets

Innovative ways to reduce development costs

Pricing & positioning properties correctly

Beyond The Life rights Model - How to get more affordable retirement stock to market

And Much more…

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Meet all relevant stakeholders under one roof with South Africa’s only multisector residential development and investment event. Attend your residential area of choice or broaden your current areas of interest and opportunity.